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Exoprimal Offers A World With A Crisis Of Dinos

Putting a stunning foot forward Dinosaur weather reports and Exo suit-wearing warriors, Exoprimal looks wild. This new IP from Capcom was announced at Sony’s State of Play presentation this afternoon with a trailer showing off its characters and some gameplay.

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According to the debut footage, Exoprimal takes place in the year 2043, a time when the news has to give forecasts predicting when torrents of dinosaurs are going to drop on society. To combat the overwhelming prehistoric threat, an organization called Aibius can predict when the dinos will appear and have developed advanced Exo suit tech for soldiers to do battle with the beasts. These Exo suits fill roles on the battlefield such as melee attackers, medics, tanks, and gunners. There’s also a hint in the trailer that players can exit the suits and swap mid-battle.

Capcom’s Exoprimal is set to hit PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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