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Splatoon 3 Gets Cooperative Mode, Salmon Run: Next Wave

During today’s 40-minute long Nintendo Direct, we got a glimpse at Splatoon 3’s frenetic cooperative multiplayer mode. 

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As per the trailer, four players are dropped onto an abandoned rig surrounded by hideous water creatures hell-bent on bringing the squad to its knees. The cutesy aesthetic of the Splatoon series is juxtaposed marvelously with the foreboding blood-red skyline, dissonant music, and tense third-person combat. Players get pitted against several powerful bosses in a wave-based system where the challenge increases depending on success. You’ll have to use your various paintball guns to slow down/vanquish enemies, transfer essential items like eggs to safe areas, and transform into an array of paint-spewing mechs. If you’ve got what it takes, maybe you’ll even get the chance to take on the Giant Salmon. 

Splatoon 3 launches sometime this summer for Nintendo Switch. 

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